NAE gentle dames tho' ne'er sae fair,
Shall ever be my Muse's care;
Their titles a' are empty show;
Gie me my Highland Lassie, O.------

Within the glen sae bushy, O,
Aboon the plain sae rashy, O,
I set me down wi' right guid will
To sing my Highland lassie, O.------

O were yon hills and vallies mine,
Yon palace and yon gardens fine;
The world then the love should know
I bear my Highland Lassie, O.
Within the glen &c.

But fickle Fortune frowns on me,
And I maun cross the raging sea;
But while my crimson currents flow,
I'll love my Highland Lassie, O.------
Within the glen &c.

Altho' thro' foreign climes I range,
I know her heart will never change;
For her bosom burns with honor's glow,
My faithful Highland Lassie, O.------
Within the glen &c.

For her I'll dare the billow's roar;
For her I'll trace a distant shore;
That Indian wealth may lustre throw
Around my Highland Lassie, O.------
Within the glen &c.

She has my heart, she has my hand,
By secret Truth and Honor's band:
Till the mortal stroke shall lay me low,
I 'm thine, my Highland Lassie, O.----
Farewel, the glen sae bushy! O
Farewel, the plain sae rashy! O
To other lands I now must go
To sing my Highland Lassie, O.------